Mark Bletcher's work describes his encounters with magical realism. His paintings show the continued development of a visual language that appears both biographical and fantastical. Anxious figures, curious creatures and strange objects scatter domestic spaces created within the work. Mark works primarily using painting and print mediums.

Since graduating from Newcastle University in 2019 Mark Bletcher has been awarded the Final Year Achievement Prize for outstanding academic achievement from Newcastle University and the Gwen May Recent Graduate Award from The Royal Society for Painter-Printmakers. He was also shortlisted for the Woon Foundation prize, FBA Futures and the Contemporary Young Artist Award. In 2020 he co-founded Minutes Exchange in response to the pandemic as a platform to create connections between artists and raises funds for various charities. He is currently a member of Newbridge Studios in Newcastle, where he lives and works. Click here to download Mark Bletcher's CV.

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