Mark Ragnvald Bletcher ​is an artist and painter, currently studying Fine Art at Newcastle University. Mark's work explores the relationship between: fantasy and reality, memory and forgetting, and the history of painting and the image. Mark questions human experience, and escapism, inspired by various fictions, from old stories to modern games. 

Available for commission and sales.
[email protected]

Current show: 
2018 'As Earnest as I Can Be' Solo show, The Holy Biscuit

Past shows:
2015 ‘Chaka: The Social Exhibition’, Vamos Social
2015 ‘Everything Comes from nothing’ Group show, Lime Street Studios
2016 ‘Narrative’ Group show, Newbridge Studios
2017 ‘Stooge 2: Electric Boogaloo’ Group show, Cobalt Studios

The Family Room' Cover, Butchers Dog #10

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