Mark Bletcher's paintings describe encounters with magical realism and are underpinned by a continued investigation of painting's conceptual and material nature. His paintings show the development of a visual language that appears both biographical and fantastical. Anxious shapes, curious creatures and strange objects scatter domestic spaces staged within the work, sometimes they are flanked by looming figures that watch and meddle. Many of his subjects are inspired by or come from an interest in literature and storytelling, and they often act as devices for emotional projection. Many of his subjects can be found repeated between works in variations as if they where actors, or memories. These include references and ideas that relate to art history, myths, or pop culture, but also contain narrative icons such as the repeated inclusions of beckoning cats and ornate decorated vessels. His paintings exist between realism, fantasy and folk,  they consider expanded perception to include the emotional, metaphorical, and remembered worlds, all from a subjective viewpoint. 

Since graduating from Newcastle University in 2019 Mark Bletcher has been awarded the Final Year Achievement Prize for outstanding academic achievement from Newcastle University and the Gwen May Recent Graduate Award from The Royal Society for Painter-Printmakers. He was also shortlisted for the Woon Foundation prize, FBA Futures and the Contemporary Young Artist Award. In 2020 he co-founded Minutes Exchange in response to the pandemic as a platform to create connections between artists and raises funds for various charities. He is currently a member of Newbridge Studios in Newcastle, where he lives and works.  His full CV available here.

If you wish to purchase artwork by Mark Bletcher they can be found at various galleries in the UK, or online at Newblood Art. 

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